Creme of the Crop

May 02, 2018 1 min read

We've got some great new products rolling out in the coming weeks and we'd like to kick this off with some news regarding one of our most popular pieces.

White Bedside Table

The Creme Bedside Table is a beautiful example of using minimalist design principles to create something beautiful and practical. And while the old model really encompassed these principles our new update, which is available online pushes this design to the next level.

 white bedside Table Open door

Each table is made from sustainably-sourced Birch Ply, you can find out more about this amazing material (as well as our other wood products) here. The updated design features all the things that made the Creme such a hit, including the unique Cable Routing that allows you to neatly integrate your charging cable and other bedside electrics into the piece itself, meaning you'll never again need to fumble around in the dark to charge your phone.

 White Bedside Table

The updated design also showcases a range of new features including soft closing cloe hinges and a brand new white interior. You can also customise the Creme with either white or black doors meaning it's classic look will fit seamlessly into your space.