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Indoor Plants For Your Flat or Home

April 19, 2018 2 min read

Indoor Plants For Your Flat or Home

Choosing the right indoor plant can be hard, so in celebration of all things green we've teamed up with local online plant retailer Plantify to bring you some on trend indoor plants for your home.

Plantify grow and source a wide range of beautiful indoor and outdoor plants, and pair them with a wide selection of curated pots to match. It's a really innovative online store as well as brick and mortar outlet on Kloof Street. Check out their plants on our furniture in the pictures below to get some inspiration for greening your own home.


Media unit with indoor plants

The name Philodendron means "love tree", and the beautiful leaves of the most popular variety, the Heartleaf Philodendron stand testament to this. This versatile houseplant can be hung, or trained to climb its way up a trellis. It loves bright shade so it's perfect for sunny rooms and covered patios. This plant needs rich soil and a medium amount of water, which we know is a little vague, but luckily the plant will tell you exactly what it needs, if the leaves are yellow you're watering too much, if they're brown, you need to up the dosage. A "clean air plant", this Philodendron removes harmful formaldehyde from the atmosphere. 

Here you can see it in a White Emerson Pot suspended in a locally produced, and super retro Macrame Hanger to the left of the soon to be released Creme Media Unit.

Standing on our Milk Stool we have a Fiddle Leaf Fig in a Terracotta Pot. Anyone whose ever flipped through a decor magazine or browsed a Pinterest board, will recognise this favourite of interior designers and stylists around the world. Outside it can grow as large as 15 meters, and kept indoors it will grow to a more manageable 3 meters. As another fan of indirect sunlight, this plant will do best in rooms with large windows or on shady balconies or verandas. You should water your Fiddle Leaf Fig every 7 - 10 days, and reduce water if the leaves start to yellow.


Decor ladder media unit and plant

 Although not available on the online store, the dramatic wild banana can be sourced through plantify. This is because the plant doesn't travel well, but once it is your home it can bring a beautiful tropical touch to your space.

A fast grower that thrives in direct sunlight. It is an evergreen plant with long leaf stalks leading from the stem to the banana-like leaves. With a love of sunshine the Natal Wild Banana is beloved by birds, making it the perfect plant for transforming your home into a habitat.


Ficus Abejan

The Ficus Abidjan is one of our favourite indoor plants, not only are it's brownish green leaves truly magnificent, but it is also a very low maintenance and easy-going plant. 

The Rubber Tree Plant grows best in bright conditions, but out of direct sun, and should be watered once a week. There's not much more to it. Get it on the Plantify store here.

All the plants on a bedside table