Introducing the Sugar Collection: Steel Self-Assembly Furniture

June 21, 2018 2 min read

Introducing the Sugar Collection: Steel Self-Assembly Furniture

Sugar Cabinet

We're really excited to share our new range of Sugar Steel Self-Assembly Furniture with you. It's the culmination of months of hard work, and we're super happy with the end results, the entire range reflects our philosophy of using design to make high quality furniture accessible to all South Africans. Like all our products the range started from a few sketches in a book and since then it's been a lot of industrial design, prototyping, creating and then breaking it down and making something better until we've got something we're really proud of.

bedside table

Presently the Sugar range consists of the Sugar Cube Bedside Table, the Sugar High Bedside Table, the Sugar Sideboard, Storage Cabinet and three types of shelving (low, standard and high). 

Each piece has been designed for versatility with features such as reversible doors, interchangeable shelving, modular designs and different colour variations meaning that the pieces can be adapted to your living space. This is apparent when you look at the new shelving units as an example, not only are they available in charcoal or white, but they are designed to be placed together to create different configurations depending on your needs. It's a simple, elegant, modular shelving solution.

 Sugar Shelf

As a steel range you can expect durability, these items are made to last and each item is finished with a powder coating, which further adds to it's durability. Powder Coating is great for a number of reasons, firstly it can be thickly applied so it's more durable and because the process involves no solvents it's generally better for the environment. It can also be as easily and, more importantly, evenly applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

features cabinet