THE FACTORY FIRE: 17/01/2019

January 18, 2019 1 min read


Online Furniture Fire Sale

In the early hours of Thursday morning we received a call informing us that the manufacturing facility we use had caught fire. Due to the heroic efforts of Paarl's emergency services the fire was stopped before it spread surrounding businesses, but as you can see in the photos the damage was done. While we lost a lot of raw materials and some finished items (spot the Flat White Sideboard in the middle photo) much of our finished stock is stored at another location and we want to inform everyone that is very much open for business. 


2018 was a year we went through a lot of changes as we expanded and refined our business model. We changed our payoff line to Designed to Fit because we want to create furniture that's practical, adaptable and affordable. Designed to fit your own personal style, whether that's clean and modern or bright and funky. Designed to fit your space whether it's a mansion or a small flat in the city. Designed to fit your budget so that more South Africans can enjoy high quality furniture. In short, we want to be about democratization and not elitism.

Modular Shelving

Our sugar range is an example of this shift. It's fun, it's customisable, it's modular and it's durable. In short 2018 year of many wins and we want to take that energy and positive outlook into 2019. We want to continue to live up to our mission of making awesome furniture accessible through clever design.