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Flatpack Furniture 

Flatpack means it's flat, you laugh but it's true. For example it means that the legs are not yet attached and that the unit will require some home assembly to bring the piece to life. The great thing is that home assembly saves you a ton of money and the bad thing? Well, it will take some time to assemble, and ... nope that's it, that is literally the only bad thing. 

The assembly process is part of the buying experience through Popstrukt, and we want to make it as fun and easy as possible by giving you these fun and easy to follow assembly instructions. We also rate each item on a scale of 1 to 5, see the scale below. 

P.S This is also a nice opportunity to invite your crush or friend over and put them to work, that's what friends are for not? Not, our bad ... 

Assembly Instructions


The Chairman Assembly Instructions (Coming Soon)

Chest of Drawers

Flat White Chest of Drawers (Coming Soon)

Desksl Dining Tables

Cortado Desk Assembly Instructions (233 KB)

Frappe Table Assembly Instructions (228 KB)

Coffee Tables

Breve Coffee Table Assembly Instructions (544KB)

Cafe Latte Coffee Table Assembly Instructions (Supplied with Product)

Cappucino Coffee Table Assembly Instructions (Supplied with Product)

Media Units

Doppio TV Unit Assembly Instructions (650KB)

Latte TV Unit Assembly Instructions (Supplied with Product)

Cappucino Media Unit Assembly Instructions (Supplied with Product)


Flat White Sideboard Assembly Instructions (969KB)

Side Tables

Mocha Side Table Assembly Instructions (Supplied with Product)

Vienna Side Table Assembly Instructions (401KB)

Créme Bedside Tables Assembly Instructions

Please note that all instructions will become available online over time. 



Assembly Rating Explained (5 being hardest)

1 / 5 - Nothing more than 15 minutes of screws and tools, really simple stuff.


2 / 5 - Get ready for your 25min DIY fix. Good fun. Skink solank 'n bier. 

3 / 5 - Ok Mr. DIY, you'll probably need a friend to help you out here. Get ready for 30min - 1hr of DIY fun and basically playing adult Lego. 

4 / 5 - This is a more serious DIY project that will require two people, only one has to do the thinking but that's up to you. Anyway, this will take roughly 1.5 hours to complete and we suggest using proper tools. 

5 / 5 - Ah, you've reached the full monty. We suggest paying a handyman to handle this if you don't know the difference between a Philips or a Flat head screwdriver. This project requires space, walnuts for brain power and about 2 hours of your time. Having proper equipment is a requirement.