Fika Chair + Milk Stool

This flatpack furniture bundle is truly a match made in heaven featuring the Fika, our occasional chair, as well as the Milk Stool. With complimentary solid wood finishes these two pieces are some of our favourites and look absolutely beautiful side by side.

The Fika Chair requires no assembly, but the unique design is unmistakeably Popstrukt. It features solid oak legs and a high quality felt cover with magazine holders built into the armrests. This chair takes it's name from the Scandinavian pastime of an afternoon cup of coffee, it makes the perfect addition to a wide variety of areas in the home from the living room to any sunny spot, where you could see yourself enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book.

And if you're going to be drinking a cup of coffee, you'll need somewhere to put it. The Milk Stool is a beautifully complimentary piece also made from solid wood. Inspired by a milking stool it's a small, but amazingly versatile addition to a room and can be used as a stool or sidetable depending on what you need. Their is a certain timeless nature to it's design, which is handy because it's made to last. 

Get the bundle to save on both these pieces.


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