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A Sweet Collab - The Bon Bon Sideboard and Amy Ayanda

January 31, 2024 1 min read

We've got a collaboration coming up with South African Artist Amy Ayanda, but we won't spoil the surprise, just yet. However, we did send Amy two of our Bon Bon Sideboards to use in her studio. Being the creative person she is she maximised their utility by placing them side by side.

The result? A fusion of functionality and artistic flair. Amy placed these two chests side by side, ingeniously transforming them into a workspace that's both practical and visually stimulating. This arrangement not only provided her with ample surface area to work on her art but also offered an abundance of storage for her art supplies. The drawers, spacious and easily accessible, keep her tools and materials organised and at arm's reach – a necessity for any artist.

About Amy

Amy Ayanda Lester, a multifaceted artist and musician from Cape Town, South Africa, finds her muse in the surrounding natural beauty and vibrant culture of her homeland. Her artwork, encompassing both paintings and prints, is deeply rooted in the distinctive elements of the South African landscape. This includes the vivid hues of local flora and the unique character of the people. Signature motifs such as proteas, the diverse fynbos, and the iconic mountain outline are a recurring theme, seamlessly blending in her illustrative and impressionistic works on canvas. By harmoniously merging her talents in music and painting, Amy crafts a compelling narrative tapestry, captivating a substantial and engaged community of followers.

Find out more about this awesome artist by visiting her website.