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Live Popstrukt Feature: House Rasmussen

August 15, 2022 1 min read

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our furniture in people's spaces. Every now and again we'll send someone out to takes some pictures to share with all our fans. This week we're taking a look at House Rasmussen, which features a number of our pieces. 

We asked owner, Emma Rasmussen, to tell us a little bit about why she chose Popstrukt for her home.

Popstrukt: Could you share with us how Popstrukt fits into your space style or lifestyle.

ER: We have a bright and colourful home, and it is the variety in the colour palette of Popstrukt that we love most. Popstrukt pieces have added bold features to our colourful home.

Popstrukt: Do you have a favourite Popstrukt piece?

ER: Hard to choose as there are still other pieces I’d like. The latest item, the tall pink locker is fun though.