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The Colours of Autumn

March 09, 2023 1 min read

Autumn is a time of contrasts in South Africa - warm days mix with cool nights, light colours seem more vivid as the world gets darker, it rains through the sunshine. Our Autumn furniture colour palette attempts to capture this contrast. Click on the images below to visit the colour collections.

Dark Olive

A sophisticated, yet eye catching, colour that contrasts beautifully with neutrals. Bring a touch of ever green magic to the season.


The perfect warm autumn colour, honey is one of the newest additions to our range. Available for the Sugar Cube Side Table, the Lollipop Locker, and now, the Nougat Storage Unit. 

Moss Grey

A darker neutral colour that is still brimming with personality. Looks just as good in quiet, minimalist spaces as in bold and colourful ones. 

Oxide Red

Like a fiery sunset oxide red is a great complement to yellows, oranges and browns that make up an autumn palette.