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The Colours of Summer

November 30, 2022 2 min read

It's that time of year again... the birds are singing, the sun is out and the world is bright and bold. With summer arriving we thought we would share some of our favourite summer colours with you. Below we've selected 7 of our colourways that fit the season.

Soft White

A gorgeous neutral colour that allows you to decorate boldly. Your décor and personal style are your paints, and these units are your canvas.


We don't think there is a more summery colour in our range than honey. Available for the Sugar Cube Side Table, the Lollipop Locker, and now, the Nougat Storage Unit. 

Reed Green

This bold, yet natural colour will bring a calming presence into your space. Available as a Sugar Cube Side Table or Nougat Storage Unit.

Ivory Sand

Another neutral colour that allows you the space you need to make your design vision come to life. These units feature adjustable shelving and can be placed side by side for different configurations.

Pigeon Blue

Another colour that just screams summer, conjuring up thoughts of blue skies and bluer waters. Our pigeon blue range beautifully balances fun and sophistication.


One of our most versatile colours, Blush goes with just about everything, but can also make a bold statement on its own.

Soft Violet

Soft violet is an unmistakably summer colour that makes you think about bright blooms and sweet summer fruit... or at least it makes us think about things like that, what about you?

We hope you enjoyed this collection of summer colours. We just wanted to remind you that our warehouse will be closing from 19 December to 5 January. So get your orders in before 12 noon on Monday, 19 December to get your order this year.