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Ida-Elsje Jewellery

July 17, 2023 2 min read

For this edition of Live Popstrukt, we're taking it out of the home and into the workspace as we visit Ida-Elsje in their absolutely stunning jewellery atelier. Their beautiful studio really is the perfect place to showcase a few items from our range. Aside from the gorgeous natural light, it is part office and part workshop - a versatile space that requires order and ample storage space for all the components required to create their jewellery range. 

Read on to see just how Ida and her team are using our furniture, or click here to shop the selection.

Featured piece Sugar Cube Side Table in oxide red.

We asked Ida a few questions about why she chose Popstrukt furniture for her studio. 

How has Popstrukt been able to assist in creating your unique Elsje Design office space?

I have so many boxes filled with beads and stones so I needed a space to store them with easy access and its a bonus that the cupboards can lock. Popstrukt customised the legs of two of my units to be on the same level which has now formed a working counter behind my desk.

Which is your favourite Popstrukt piece?

The Bon Bon Sideboard in Silk Grey, as well as The Lollipop Locker in Honey which makes a perfect broom cupboard!

Featured piece Bob Bon Side Table in soft white.

Featured pieces (left to right) the Lollipop Locker in blush, Bon Bon Sideboard in silk grey and the Popcorn Media Unit in blush.

Featured piece Bon Bon Sideboard in silk grey.

Featured pieces (left to right) Nougat Storage Cabinet in reed green and Sugar Cube Side Table in soft white.

Featured piece Top Deck Storage Cabinet in moon rock.

Featured piece Lollipop Locker in honey.

About Ida-Elsje Jewellery

Working with a team of the very best master gold and platinum-smiths Ida Elsje makes fine, bespoke jewellery pieces from her Cape Town studio. She is passionate about all elements of creating beautiful jewellery pieces. Ida is committed to working with only the best materials – sourcing precious stones from around the world that are selected for their unique colour, cut and brilliance.