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Crush on Blush

April 22, 2021 2 min read

Colour selection is a very important part of new furniture development at Popstrukt, to the point where it borders on obsession. It is one of the defining features that makes our range unique. Each colour we choose needs to complement our existing range and continue to stay relevant as time goes by. With the launch of our newest colourway (the delicious blush pink), we thought it would be a good time to share some of our methodology with you.


Let's start off by stating that one must be wary of trends, while style gurus and decorators may have strong opinions, these are fickle and subject to change. What is hot today, might not be tomorrow. That's why we try and draw on inspirations outside our own industries to the worlds of art, pop culture, industrial design and fashion.

Part of the Process

Our process started with hundreds of colours and through a process of elimination (and much debate) we narrowed it down to a handful of options. These then needed to be tested in parallel with our existing range. In the end the winner was a unanimous decision, and a colour we had all loved from the start. We knew we had a winner with Blush Pink, from here paint samples were mixed and refined until we settled on the perfect hue.

We have been wanting to add a nude colour to the Popstrukt range, and instead of beige or cream we opted for blush pink. Not only did it offer the standout appeal we love in our furniture, but because it is also muted it works beautifully as an accent for a wide range of complementary colours. 

Crush on Blush

We decided to launch our blush range with two of our most popular pieces, the Lollipop Locker and the Sugar Cube Side Table since both of these pieces are designed to work wonderfully in almost any room of the house, we felt Blush Pink's own versatility would work really well with these pieces.

So now that you know a little about our newest colour, the next question is where will it fit into your home?