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How To Buy Furniture Online

March 26, 2019 2 min read

Shopping online can often seem like a leap of faith. We've all seen the photos of disappointed customers who didn't quite get what they thought they were getting. This can be doubly true for furniture. It is a big investment and something you will need to live with for the foreseeable future so it's very important to get it right. That's why we've put together this 10 Step guide to buying online furniture.


Step 1 is simply deciding you want a piece of furniture. This could be an open space in your home or a need you need to fulfill, but when you decide to get a piece is when the real fun begins.


Do your research and look at options. There are many furniture companies out there with many different types of products. You need to take your needs into account and evaluate the furniture by quality, price and versatility. A good online furniture company should provide you with the dimensions. Mark these down as you will need them a bit later.

Online Furniture buying guide how to measure

To help you visualize the piece we suggest you mark it's dimensions in the space you've selected for it. This will allow you to better understand how it fits into your space. For this you will need: 1. A measuring tape 2. Some low tack masking or duct tape 3. A pair of scissors

online furniture buying guide 4

Begin by measuring the base of the piece to see how much floor space it takes up. The old adage measure twice, cut once comes into play here. Rather take your time and make sure your measurements are accurate.

online furniture buying guide 5

Once you've measured use the tape to mark your measurements. Remember that the outside of the tape needs to correspond to the size of the furniture, not the inside, so you can get an accurate sense of the size of the piece.

online furniture buying guide

Next you want to measure out the height of the piece and mark very softly, a light pencil or even a cutting of tape is a great way to keep your marks in place.

online furniture buying guide

Now use the tape to mark out the height of the piece. Stick the tape gently onto the wall so that it comes off easily when you are done.

Online Furniture buying guide

Now take a step back and evaluate how the piece fits into your space. The tape gives you an accurate idea of the dimensions of the piece and lets you be sure of what you are getting before it arrives at your door.

online furniture buying guide

Order your piece online and wait for delivery. You can comfortably carry on with your life without worrying about whether the piece will fit in the space you've selected for it.

online furniture buying guide enjoy

Enjoy your new (perfectly sized) furniture piece.