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Customer Customisations

February 25, 2019 2 min read

online furniture customised shelving unit

A big part of our design philosophy is creating furniture that fits into the lives of our customers. As an online furniture company we put a high value on versatility and customisation of our products. You can see this is some of our features like adjustable shelving and reversible doors on certain products.

That's why nothing makes us happier than seeing what our creative customers have done to add that extra special touch to our furniture by customising to fit their spaces. We have collected a few examples here for you. Perhaps they spark some ideas for your own home? Or maybe you have done something similar you would like to share with us?


white shelving unit online furniture

Our friends over at Arrow Leather Goods obviously have an edge being really skilled craftsmen in their own right. If you haven't checked out their range of leather bags and accessories do yourself a favour and visit their store and you'll see what we mean. They took our Sugar Low Shelf and created a custom leather and pine seating cushion. We think the combination of white steel and leather really creates a stunning contrast, and the white shelving below does a great job of making their products pop.

white shelving unit closeups


trestle table idea

Our next example comes from one of our happy customers and shows you that you don't need to spend hours at the sewing machine to adapt our furniture to your space. All it takes is a bit of lateral thought, elbow grease and the will. By simply laying a piece of wood across two Sugar Cube Tall Bedside Tables they have created an ingenious desk space in their home. It's like a different take on the classic trestle table (except this one has extra storage space).

homemade trestle table

We're always on the lookout for new content that can help our fans realize their dream decor setup. Do you have any cool DIY projects you would like us to feature? Then send us an email at we would love to see what you've been up to.