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MovePretty @ The Eikestad

September 25, 2018 1 min read

Popstrukt Coffee Table

We're all about collaborating with top South African brands that share our vision of bringing good design to more and more South Africans. MOVEPRETTY are one such company and their unique approach to the athleisurewear industry has made them the talk of the town when it comes to South African active wear.

Flatpack Desk

Like Popstrukt, MOVEPRETTY have a strong focus on their online presence, which means they can provide their high quality garments to the greater South African community. However, they do have some brick and mortar options, the latest being their awesome Pop Up Store concept in the Eikestad Mall in Stellenbosch. 

Flatpack Steel Shelves

Why do we mention this, well because besides the awesome athleisurewear, you'll also find Popstrukt furniture in the store. We love how MOVEPRETTY value both form and function creating athleisurewear that is both practical and beautiful.

Flatpack Steel Shelves


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