Online Furniture Trade Program

July 18, 2018 1 min read

Due to the amount of requests we have been receiving from design professionals and members of the trade, we have decided to launch our Popstrukt Trade Program. This online furniture trade program aims to build successful long-term relationships with design professionals from a variety of disciplines, giving them access to exclusive discounts, innovative shipping plans and customization options not available to the general public. Below we've outlined some of the benefits of joining.



online furniture journey

The image above shows how we use our online distribution model to keep our prices much lower than conventional retailers, while still manufacturing using high quality materials. Depending on the scope and timelines of your project our trade program offers further discounts worked out on a sliding scale.




Due to the modular nature of many of our designs we can offer certain customization options on larger orders. Our consumer experience is designed to get your furniture to your door as quickly as possible, however customization will incur additional costs and effect timelines.



Our business is designed for speed and efficiency with fast delivery from our local warehouses. This means that even last minute or deadline sensitive orders can be met. 




The Popstrukt Trade Program is open to design professionals from a wide variety of fields. We welcome applications from individuals and companies specializing in interior design, development and architecture. Our program is also open directly to restaurants, hotel groups and offices.


If you would like to apply click here to visit our trade page and fill out the application form.