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Sustainable Products - Our Materials

April 17, 2018 2 min read

Our approach to sustainability in furniture design is two pronged. Firstly, we use sustainable woods where possible in the construction of our furniture. Secondly, our products are made to last, we select our materials for their aesthetic as well as their strength and our unique designs are tailored towards durability.


 Birch ply flatpack furniture

We use Birch Ply in products such as our Chairman Chair as well as in our (ever expanding) Creme range of products, which use certified sustainable Birch plywood.

Birch Ply comes from the Birch Tree, and is used to create this revolutionary wood that is not only beautiful and durable, but has a low environmental impact too. Birch trees have been a source of wood in Scandinavian countries for hundreds of years and because it grows at a rate of 3 - 4 foot per year it is a very eco-friendly material.

Strong Birch Ply Chair



Victorio Dining Room Table

One of our favourite Ash products is the Victorio 6 Seater Dining Room Table a beautiful combination of modernism meeting Victorian design. The Victorio features an Ash veneer table top and solid Ash legs. 

Ash is a deciduous tree and can resprout and start growing again when it is cut down. Ash wood is used to produce furniture, walking sticks and sporting equipment, this is because of it's strength, flexibility and high break threshold.


 Frappe Table

Our Frappe Table is all about the legs. These are made from solid Oak, a very strong, heavy and durable wood. You will recognise it instantly from it's prominent grain and attractive light colour. Due to it's dense constitution and the long lived nature, it is extremely durable and resistant to fungal attack.

We have a wide selection of beautiful wood products, and have a few launches coming up in the next few months that are going to bring more high durability and sustainable products into our range. Watch this space for news.