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Why not Popstruct: What's in a name?

March 23, 2018

Our name is rather enigmatic and that does cause some headaches. People mispell it, they search for popstruct instead. I would be lying if I said it hadn't crossed my mind to change it. However, there really is no better name for our business. Our designs are unique and they reflect our character as much as our name does. So why not popstruct? Let me unpack it.


POP - refers to the fact that a large portion of our range is designed to be shipped flatpack and assembled at home. This business models means we are able to get high quality furniture made from durable materials to South Africans at incredibly low costs.

STRUKT - this refers to the design behind each piece, yes they pop up easily with a little DIY, but it's the industrial design and craftsmanship that make them both beautiful and durable.

So why the "K", well that's our little touch of individualism. A nod to northern European and Scandinavian design influences.

So what's in a name? We think quite a lot.


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