Lollipop Locker - Dark Olive


- 40% thicker steel. 
- matching handle 
- lock 
- x5 adjustable shelves
- cable routing hole
- matching Popstrukt keyring. 
- Hanging Rail
- Adjustable feet for uneven floors. 

Product Dimensions: 1800H x 400W x 450D (mm) (Legs: 150mm H)

The perfect storage solution, our brand new Lollipop locker is at home in your home or office to serve as a versatile storage solution for clothes, kitchen ware, books, equipment and much more. 

Featuring 4 adjustable shelves, a hanging rail and cable routing gaps the Lollipop locker can be used for life in a variety of ways to breath fresh air any room and help tidy up where storage space is needed.